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Cocker spaniel

The foundation of Celebrity Paw Spa started with Lisha’s Grooming Salon. In 1984 Lisha Fisher, who is the sister of now owner Lindell Naito-Zieg, opened Lisha’s Grooming Salon in Fullerton. Lisha had been grooming for 14 years and ran her shop as an independent groomer before teaching and turning over the business to Lindell. Now with 23 years of experience, Lindell wanted to create a salon that would provide luxury pet services and opened Celebrity Paw Spa, Daycare, Boutique & Café for pets. As a result, Lisha’s Grooming Salon was transformed into Celebrity Paw Spa and relocated to 145 W. Whiting in Fullerton, California.

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Mobile Services Call (714) 883-3440