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Preparing Your Dog for Fall & Winter

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As responsible dog owners there are many important and simple tips that help our furry friends stay healthy and happy this upcoming fall and winter seasons! Starting to prepare your pooch for the cool weather just around the corner will not only assist in preparing them for the change…it will help balance your life as well! The changing seasons is an ideal time to pay close attention to your pooches grooming needs, develop or maintain training skills, and be safe for the approaching Halloween festivities!

It’s imperative for us to remember that as the weather changes, so does our dogs grooming needs! The fall season can be especially rough for dogs with allergies, and if left untreated they can lead to itching and reactions that affect their skin. The best way to keep your pooch feeling silky smooth this fall is by keeping up with regular baths (including hypoallergenic baths for our itchy friends), treating any hot spots immediately, and keeping up to date with tick and flea preventatives. Regular winter coat care can also be a lifesaver for shedding dogs! You can easily save yourself the time and hassle of cleaning dog hair out of your vacuum this winter by keeping up with regular brushing of that thick winter coat growing in! Here at Celebrity Paw Spa we love pampering our canine guests with grooming packages ranging from helpful de-shed baths to flea and tick baths!

There are many safety hazards for our canine companions during the exciting Halloween holiday, but here are some easy tips to keep them safe this October! Firstly, keep those yummy trick-or-treat chocolates out of reach of dogs. Any type of chocolate can be extremely dangerous for them, if you suspect your dog may have gotten into Halloween sweets consult your vet immediately. Also, if you’re planning on taking your pet trick-or-treating with your family this year, make sure he has a brightly colored safety vest or reflective leash on at all times, this will help keep him visible and safe from passerby’s!